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Thursday, August 27, 2009

~pUasE ohhHH pOse~

haii all..actually ak nk wish selamat berpose utk sumer2 blogger yg rajin duk singgah kt blog ak nieh..hehehe..time kasey..time kasey..emm sbnaynyer xtaw nk cter aper kt cini cz..time ak 2lis nie pon time class lab cad/ tgu pye tgu en shariman setting pc nieh..ak pon aper lg..lyan la blog japp..memuler tu rse cm mls lak nk bkak pape2 kt pc nie..jd baik plak rse borg lak mls ar nk hipokrit let me stat emm first pose kt cni ak rse cm xd smgt jew..ntah ler..xtaw np..ak rse cm apew yg ak mkn sumernyer cm xsdap jew even abes gk la nasik 1 bungkus..kakakak!! agi pon ak plan igt time pose nie nk blek umh japp..sjew gedik nk mkn same2 gn papa n mama ak yg tecinter lahh kte kt cni plak ade2 jew .nk wt class la..quiz la..n apew jela yg mengecewakan jiwa raga dn prasaan ak nieh..

hurmmm..mummy daddy..i won't go home...really missedddd youuu!! hishh ngengader plak...hahaha...never mind la..g pn ak leh survive lau xdpt bkak pose gn fmly pon..xpew least ader kgkwn ..not bad la kann..aper gune kwn??? btol x?? emm sumtimes trase happy gk biler bkak pose ngan member2 nie..nk2 lau bkak pose kt luar..harr..sbut psl bkak pose kt lua..nie..ak nk story cket..

mgu lpas ak mse first fasting ak mkn kt lua gn roommate ak kt dpn masjid..ape ntah ..xigt lak nme first impression ak mse bkak pose kt sne,mmg besh gk larr..trase cm mkn kt dataran merdeka kt KL jew..huhuhu..mmg besh gk la..da la dkt gn bazar pastu dkt plak dgn masjid..depan jew padang tmpt ktorg dr segi facility mmg not bad la..mmg ak respect la kuantan nie...its the best place for the family wekends..mlm2 mmg sesak gk la org bkak pose kt padang2..view kt situ pon mmg cntik...bile mlm ak tgk masjid tu ,skali mcm masjid putrajaya pon ader...emm cntik siot...kalah masjid ump..kuikuikuikui..oOOPPPSSS..!! HEheheh..

by the way mmg satisfied la dinner kt saper2 yg xpena pg tu..rjin2 la g sne ekk..mcm2 ada beb!! emm last skali sblom en shariman ckp "ok class dissmiss know,switch off your pc know"ak nk wish selmat berbuka pose n selamat bersahur,selamat aper lagik ek??emm semoga selamat selalu la ek..n hopefully dlm bulan pose dpt la ak brubah utk jd yg lbih baik dr yg sblom nie..ehh nt japp sblom nie ak jht ker baik?? xsure la..baik kowt..hishh conpius..??!! paperpon pasnie ak nk blaja utk jd yg tbaik n brubah ke arah yg lebey baik...insyaallah..n last skali ak hrp pasnie ak nk bwang jao2 sifat pns baran ak nie n sifat mls yg ade dlm diri ak nie..chehwahhh..!! owkeyla daaa..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

~EmergeNcy bRe@ks!!!~

new RM from atm kuantan..
waiting for car before go at terminal wif my roommate..

finally!!!..i got the ticket for my ride at KL..hahahahha..

WHATTTT..??? it was a surprise day for me and all the uMp student..u know why?? it because of H1N1 influenza..arghhh our deputy vice chancellor has announce that our campus will be closed for one weeks..harr is it for real?? yeaahUUU!!!so we have given leave for a weeks..till next Sunday(9 sept). hurmm i really..really unexpected that uMp finally are closed crazy day..actually on the day..i n my friends already at kuantan ..we got window shopping there..actually we had planning to outing on Sunday..

but caused of we got no class on the what u're waiting for dude?? let's go babeh!!..after half day at kuantan ,at 5 pm we decide to back at a campus..sOOO EXHAUSTED lorr!!! my money also finished up..arghhh..
so we got a cab to go to gambang..finally we arrive at uMp n got rest n whatever la..then after that at 7 pm i got the information from my roomate that uMp have given a leave for all students..starting from 1 august..everything happen all of sudden..and all of activities has been blurrr.. so suck!!

the news come sooooo late...i really dun know diz news since the morning because the memo has post in evening plus my block is very difficult to access the internet..and it complicate us to get the news..i hate it!!!..uMp always like this laaa.. chaos..then we instantly go to terminal kuantan to find ticket for go home tomorrow..arghhh i'm soo tiredddd....everything must rushing...

so crowded people arround at terminal..majority its uMp student..uMp..uMp..uMp...this is it..!!! at the end..we got a ticket!! yezzAA..!! settle !! so..what else?? juz waiting for comes at KL..!! yeahuuuu!!! here i comes!!
but... its One PROBLEM!!...while we arrive at uMp..we got another information that uMp provides a FREE TRANSPORT for a student who want to go back at their home tomorrow..its FREE..arghhhhhh...very..very.. i dun like it!! SUCK!! we already got a ticket that we BUY from our own money....why ?? why?? finally "they" give the free transport to us when we got the own ticket..heyyyyaa..i dunno what 2 say..its nothing...very disappointed lorr..